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5pm No Particular Afternoon


The show  is an exploration of the stories we need to tell to confront loss and the gaps that people leave in our lives.  It explores the journeys of four people who have lost their way, they find themselves in a world where reality and fiction merge as they attempt to reconnect with their own life stories.   


An ensemble of eight performers, using shadow play, projection and a haunting soundscape, will create a dark and brooding internal landscape in which the characters are stuck, searching for a new understanding of their stories so far.  Playful and imaginative, the piece explores how the act of telling and re-telling stories enables the characters to find new perspectives and understand the necessity of allowing life’s experiences to change them.

Creative Team

Company Devisers: Hazel Anderson, Ellen Groves, Catriona James, Anne Langford, Greg Wohead, Ben Crystal, Hetty Abbott


Director: Russell Bender

Stage Manager: Romy Boettger

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