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Once upon a time there was an Agi... and a Dot.  Agi and Dot live on a platform high above the clouds. They are story catchers. They catch stories on the wind. Someone has too, otherwise they would all escape!


Agi and Dot love catching stories.  They have never told a story of their own. Today there is something different about the wind, they feel the change in the air.


Today they tell a story!


A story of friendship, courage, adventure, an umbrella crow, a giant's heart and a silly duck, because all stories need a silly duck.


Will they pull it off? Will they get into trouble? Will the giant get his heart back? There's only one way to find out

Likely Story Theatre bring their unique story telling style to this classic Norwegian fairy tale.

A warm, funny show for all the family to enjoy. With original music, puppetry and a sprinkling of magic.

Laugh out load funny, daft and full of heart. 


“Likely Story have crafted a masterpiece in Theatre for Young Audiences. The performers bring all audience members into a world of mischief with ease, inviting laughter and loyalty to a creative array of characters.” – TYA Cymru

Watch this space


Running time: approx 1 hour


Though aimed at ages 7+

this is a comedy show for all ages


Company Devisers: Hazel Anderson, Ellen Groves

Live Music: Tom Elstob

Director: Hannah McPake

Original concept: Likely Story

Facilitators: Gwen Thomson, Holly Stoppit

Designer & Maker: Kirsty Harris

Composer: Tom Elstob

Production Manager: Glesni Price-Jones

Photography: Sarski Anderson, Mark Robson



This project is supported by; Arts Council Wales, Chapter Arts

 and Night Out.


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