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Toured 2009 - 2011

What happens when real life and fairy tales collide?


The company find new ways to tell old stories. An exciting new adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Princess and the Pea. Combining physical story-telling with puppetry and music, Likely Story bring a new perspective to familiar tales.


Take a motley crew of time-travelling storytellers, an allotment gone to seed, two orphaned sisters and a lonely Prince. Add a magical book. And don’t forget the garden pea. Can the Captain and her crew help Sweetpea save the allotment and find a happily-ever-after story for her sister Marigold? Or will they create even more havoc along the way?


Likely Story's new family show is an enchanting adventure where fairy tales collide, and the closest thing to a happy ending just might be a hopeful beginningInspired by a folk song, and the gaps in Andersen’s classic fairy tale, Likely Story set out to devise a show that could be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Creative Team

Company Devisers: Hazel Anderson, Ellen Groves, Catriona James, Kristian Phillips,


Writer: Kit Lambert

Director: Simon Harris

Composer: Tom Elstob

Designer: Guy O’Donnell and Camilla Blair

Lighting: Adam Cobley



This project is supported by; Arts Council Wales and the John Thaw Foundation.

Pea Music - Tom elstob
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