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Seatown Ladies

Research and Development 2013-2015
Seatown Ladies is about a group of women, a boat, and a voyage on the ocean that journeys from the personal to the political, and from the everyday to the epic. It’s about physical kinship between friends, leaving the land behind, and the story you tell when you transcend your own limitations to become greater than the sum of your parts.
Inspired by a grainy old black and white photograph from the 1900s of a group of women standing next to a hauled out gig (rowing boat), we began forming the seeds of an idea for a show. We found the photograph on the wall of the anchor Inn, Dorset, and the caption described the women as “Rude and Coarse Women”, who spent one summer fishing from the gig by day and sleeping under it on the beach by night. The picture captured our hearts and imaginations and led us down a path of discovery, introducing us to some awesome and inspiring stories.
Creative Crew

Company Devisers: Hazel Anderson, Ellen Groves, Anne Langford, Claire Parry Jones, Louise Osbourne


Facilitator: Laura Mugridge

Desigen: Suzi Dorey

Composer/Musician/Performer: Bee Cecil

Movement: Becky Price

CLown: Petra Massey

Visual Artist: Leah Crossley

Creatie Producer: Jo Mackie


This project is supported by; Arts Council Wales, Wales Millenium Centre and National Theatre Wales

Row All Your Troubles Away - Bee Cecil
The Empty Seat - Bee Cecil
At the End of the Day - Bee Cecil
Phosphorescent - Bee Cecil
St Ursila The Lady in the Rock - Bee Cecil
Ar Lan Y Mor - Bee Cecil
Seatown Ladies Blog
She Sells Sea Shells on the Sea Shore
                        Story Twine

© Likely Story

Music by Bee Cecil

Images by L.M.H.C
"No One Is There"

lyrics by Nico from The Marble Index

Research Images
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